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Orally Dissolvable Strips

Your way to smarter health and the right nutrition

365veda “In A Strip” are Orally dissolvable strips (ODS), an innovative delivery format, which are designed to rapidly dissolve on the tongue without the need for water or swallowing. We have combined water-soluble polymers with active botanical ingredients to give both ease of consumption with palatability and better nutrition. The permeability of buccal mucosa is 4-4,000 times greater than that of the skin making orally dissolvable strips a better absorbable format. Hence, buccal delivery serves as an excellent platform for the absorption of molecules that have poor dermal penetration

In A Strip

In A Strip

Easy to take
Rapid Action
Precise dosing
On-the-go packing
Reduced gastric irritation
Bypasses the liver for better absorption
Buccal delivery

Chewable tablets

365veda Hair Care Chewable tablets are a versatile dosage form with multiple benefits with oral drug delivery without water, easy swallowing, the stability advantages of solid forms, and ease of active ingredient administration.Chewable tablets offer precise dosing, portability, and stability. They also enhance swallowing since they break down into particles in the mouth.Active botanical ingredients are delivered by masking the extracts with exciting flavor.

365veda Hair Care

No water required
Easy swallowing
On-the-go packing
Palatable and Better Mouth Feel
Higher dose