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Orally dissolvable strips

365veda “In A Strip” are Orally dissolvable strips (ODS), an innovative delivery format, which are designed to rapidly dissolve on the tongue without the need for water or swallowing. We have combined water-soluble polymers with active botanical ingredients to give both ease of consumption with palatability and better nutrition. 

The permeability of buccal mucosa is 4-4,000 times greater than that of the skin making orally dissolvable strips a better absorbable format. Hence, buccal delivery serves as an excellent platform for the absorption of molecules that have poor dermal penetration.

Easy to take: Very easy to consume. Place it on the tongue. That’s it

Rapid Action: Strips are quick to act. Rapid dissolution leads to faster effects.

Precise dosing: Precise dosages of active ingredients reducing the risk of medication errors.

On-the-go packing: Portability for people who need to take medications while on the go or during travel.

Reduced gastric irritation: Bypass the stomach and minimized gastrointestinal discomfort.

Bypasses the liver for better absorption: Ingredients absorbed at the oral level bypassing liver.

Buccal delivery: Very permeable giving higher absorption.

Chewable Tablets

365veda Hair Care Chewable tablets are a versatile dosage form with multiple benefits with oral drug delivery without water, easy swallowing, the stability advantages of solid forms, and ease of active ingredient administration.

Chewable tablets offer precise dosing, portability, and stability. They also enhance swallowing since they break down into particles in the mouth.

Active botanical ingredients are delivered by masking the extracts with exciting flavour.

No water required: Easy to chew, soft to masticate

Easy swallowing: Chewable tablets facilitate swallowing as the product is initially broken down into particles in the oral cavity.

Portability: Easy to carry anywhere

Stability: Stable formulation, easy 

Palatable and Better Mouth Feel: Convenient texture and good mouth sensation

Higher dose: Able to give more doses of multiple ingredients when compared to a capsule or tablet

Superfood Lattes

365veda Superfood Lattes are a combination of superior-quality herbs and extracts along with Indian Spices and coconut MCTs. The curcumin in our lattes offers a range of health benefits but one of the primary factors contributing to the restricted bioavailability of curcumin is its poor solubility in water.

 Nevertheless, curcuminoids prefer lipids (they bond with fats), so enhancing curcumin's absorption by combining it with high-quality, beneficial fats and mixing it with milk for consumption allows curcumin to adhere to the fat molecules, facilitating its more efficient uptake by our digestive system.

The exciting flavors of Elaichi, Vanilla, and Butterscotch will sing a tune with your tastebuds offering you functional benefits at the same time.

Easy to mix blends: Easy to mix with milk/plant milk/water for a superior caffeine-free latte

Superior bioavailability: Piperine and other spices and delivery format make it more bioavailable

High-quality extracts + Natural Herbs: The way nature intended with whole herbs+ carefully selected extracts after research

Easy sachet packaging: Hygienically packed. One latte at a time.

Palatable: Herbs that are otherwise difficult to consume come in the tastiest way

Linctus Formulations

Amla and lipid based Ayurvedic rasayans (rejuvenating blends) constitute a well-received and greatly enjoyable category of phytonutrient concoctions.

Chyavanprash is one such preparation where water-soluble and fat-soluble actives of herbs are absorbed into the preparation for better efficacy.

Soaking amla berries in water makes the medium acidic, aiding in the release of water-soluble phytochemicals and alkaloids from the herbs. Alkaloids, like vasicine and tinosporin, are soluble in acidic conditions and become lipid-soluble under neutral or basic conditions.

Simply boiling herbs in water for a short time might not release all their phytonutrients, especially in the case of thick-skinned fruits and tree barks.

During this process, some lipid-soluble components from the herbs associate with the oils inside the amla berries. The next step includes frying the extracted amla pulp in ghee and sesame oil and loading these lipids with phytonutrients like gallic acid and quercetin.

Emulsion process ensures that each ghee particle is fully loaded with hydrophobic phytonutrients. In the end, you have a semi-solid product rich in these beneficial compounds.

Ayurvedic rasayana: A superior Ayurvedic phytonutrient rejuvenative preparation

Age-old remedy: An age-old nutraceutical preparation passed on through Ayurvedic science

Easy to consume: Consuming a spoonful of paste followed by milk. No preparation needed

Packed hygienically: Considering amla in the preparation, packed in glass bottle to avoid leaching.

No water required: Easy-to-consume paste.

Palatable: Considering close to 45+ herbs the preparation is one of the most palatable 

Jaggery-based: Sweetened with jaggery which has a high molasses content + nutrients

Optimal carrier: Lipid rich carriers like ghee and sesame oil help in modulating immunity by carrying herbs to the lymphatic system

Protein Blends

365veda Essential Protein for Men and Women is a superior quality European Golden Pea and Brown Rice protein giving you an easy-to-digest protein for your everyday needs. The addition of Ayurvedic ingredients potentiates it further.

The powder format can be easily mixed with water and is easy on your stomach, helping you avoid unpleasant burps and gas involved with whey.

Opting for water instead of milk when consuming protein primarily benefits weight management. Drinking protein with water is the leaner choice, ideal for those following a calorie-conscious diet.

Our proteins come in two delectable flavors of Kesar Kulfi and Double Chocolate for fueling your protein needs in an interesting way.

Easy to consume: Just add water with the protein blend and shake it to take it.

Complete amino acid profile: Full spectrum of amino acids in the protein blend

Easy on the gut: Very easy to digest. No smelly burps, no difficult digestion

Palatable: Amazing flavors for easy consumption

Vegan: Easy vegan option for better health and a greener tomorrow