Curcumin In A Strip™ | For Pain Relief, Immunity, Liver Support and Sports Performance

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365veda Curcumin In-A-Strip is a synergistic combination of clinically validated Curcuwin Ultra+ with Bioperine, Vitamin C, Vitamin K2 and Selenium.

30 oral strips per box | Orange Flavour 🍊

Product Highlights
👉 Innovative oral strips designed to dissolve within 60 seconds
👉 Formulated with clinically validated Omniactives Curcuwin Ultra+
👉 Enhanced absorption effective in joint pain recovery
👉 Curcumin and Piperine enhance absorption for improved wellness support
👉 Vitamin K2 promotes bone health and supports calcium metabolism
👉 Enriched with Vitamin C to regulate immunity
👉 Inclusion of Selenium for enhanced overall immunity and antioxidant support
👉 Achieve optimal results with a daily recommended dosage of two strips
👉 Convenient to carry and effortless to consume

    How to consume?

    Peel the strip out of the foil and place the strip on your tongue. Allow the strip to dissolve in 60 seconds, do not swallow or chew. The strip may stick to your palate for a moment, don’t worry it will melt.

    When to consume?

    Consider taking the strip after meals, especially one that includes some healthy fats, which enhances the absorption of curcumin. To maximize the benefits of the ingredients, consider establishing a consistent daily timing for consumption.

    Revitalise naturally, micro marvels unleashed

    Natural Anti-inflammatory for Joint Pain Relief

    Superior Anti-oxidant to Neutralise Free Radicals

    Strengthens Immune System and Boosts Overall Health

    Enhanced Sports Performance and Recovery

    Lowers Cholesterol and Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

    Boosts Liver Functioning and Metabolism

    Measurability of results

    Day 0: Track joint mobility, pain levels and frequency of allergies and infections

    By Week 4: Signs of enhanced immune response and reduced occurrence of infections

    Month 2: Experience reduced joint discomfort and sustained anti-oxidant defense

    Month 3: Increased mobility and ability to do exercises, overall vitality, immune resilience


    Disclaimer: Results outlined over time are potential improvements and not guaranteed outcomes. Individual experiences may vary, and achieving wellness goals depends on individual circumstances and consistent product use. The benefits described are based on theoretical synergy among the ingredients, the clinical studies of the dominant ingredient, and actual results may depend on various factors. Achieving and maintaining good health is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a holistic approach. While supplements may complement a health regimen, they are not a substitute for a balanced diet and lifestyle


    Caution: Pregnant or nursing individuals should consult with a healthcare provider before using these strips, as the safety of certain supplements during pregnancy and lactation may vary.

    Revitalize your well-being with these powerful ingredients

    Curcuwin Ultra+ (100mg)

    Experience the gold standard of curcumin with Curcuwin Ultra+, a highly bioavailable extract that elevates the effectiveness of this ancient remedy in the convenient form of a strip. 

    Bioavailability Marvel: Curcuwin Ultra+ stands out with an impressive 144 times higher bioavailability compared to standard curcumin. This means your body can absorb and utilize its benefits more effectively, ensuring maximum impact.

    Swift Absorption: Not only is Curcuwin Ultra+ highly bioavailable, but it also boasts 40% faster absorption than standard curcumin. This ensures that its health benefits kick in rapidly, providing quick relief and support.

    Piperine (2.5mg)

    Unlock the full potential of your strip with Piperine, derived from black pepper. This nutrient absorption powerhouse enhances the efficacy of the entire formulation.

    Nutrient Amplifier: Piperine can increase the absorption of curcumin by up to 2,000%, maximizing the efficacy of the entire formulation.

    Brain Boost: Studies suggest that piperine might offer brain-boosting benefits, potentially protecting brain cells and improving memory. This dual action of nutrient absorption and cognitive support adds an intriguing dimension to the strip.

    Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid (30mg)

    Harness the timeless power of Vitamin C, a key player in immune support and collagen synthesis, found in abundance in our strips.

    Ancient Sailor's Savior: Vitamin C's importance was recognized centuries ago when it was discovered that citrus fruits could prevent scurvy, a disease that plagued sailors. Its role in immune health has a rich historical backdrop.

    Collagen Commander: Apart from immune support, Vitamin C is a collagen synthesis champion. It plays a crucial role in weaving the fibrous protein throughout the body's systems, contributing to the health of various tissues.

    Vitamin K2/Menaquinone-7 MK-7 (55mcg)

    Elevate your bone and cardiovascular health with the inclusion of Vitamin K2, a guardian of bone mineralization and heart well-being.

    Bone Guardian: Vitamin K2's role in bone health is extraordinary. It not only promotes bone mineralization but also prevents calcium from depositing in arteries, showcasing its dual action in supporting skeletal and cardiovascular health.

    Heart Health Ally: A 2019 study linked increased dietary intake of vitamin K2 with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. It adds a layer of cardiovascular support to the strip. 

    L-Selenomethionine (40mcg)

    Nourish your thyroid and cognitive health with L-Selenomethionine, a form of selenium known for its role in hormonal balance and brain protection.

    Thyroid's Selenium Shield: As a form of selenium, L-Selenomethionine is crucial for thyroid health. It has demonstrated efficacy in restoring thyroid function, showcasing its importance in hormonal balance.

    Brain and DNA Guardian: Beyond the thyroid, L-Selenomethionine plays a role in protecting the brain, aiding DNA production, and contributing to overall cognitive well-being. Its multifaceted benefits make it a standout ingredient.

    Backed By Science & Research

    Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, holds immense therapeutic promise, but its bioavailability has been a challenge. Our innovative orally dissolvable strip addresses this concern by employing advanced oral drug delivery technology. Within the strip is Curcuwin Ultra+, a highly bioavailable curcumin extract known for its superior absorption. The strip's buccal delivery, where it rapidly dissolves on the mucosal membranes, allows for efficient absorption directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system's challenges. This novel delivery method, coupled with the inclusion of Piperine to enhance absorption, ensures that Curcuwin Ultra+'s benefits are swiftly and effectively delivered to the body translating its efficacy for managing joint discomfort associated with mild knee osteoarthritis.

    The strip's holistic composition, also featuring Vitamin C, Vitamin K2, and L-selenomethionine, further amplifies the synergy. Vitamin C, a water-soluble antioxidant, complements curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties, while Vitamin K2 supports bone health synergistically. L-selenomethionine contributes to thyroid function, creating a well-rounded formulation.

    These ingredients, delivered through our innovative strip, create a powerhouse supplement designed for optimal absorption and comprehensive wellness support.

    Research Papers and Evidences

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